Prepositions exercises

Prepositions 1
I need to go at/to/in the shop tomorrow.

I’ll see you next / at next Christmas.

I don’t know anything about / of Formula One.

I met her on / in / at 1991.

I’ll see you in / at Easter.

I like to relax in / at / to / on the holidays.

I’m interested about / in […]

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The verb ‘to be’

The verb ‘to be’ has been removed from this article.


Can you add the verb ‘to be’ and make it like the original article?


The Princes in the Tower _____ two members of the fifteenth century Royal Family in England who disappeared in 1483.

The eldest _____ Prince Edward, Prince of Wales. He was twelve years old […]

Adjectives 2

Sometimes we use two or more fact adjectives. Very often (but not always) we put fact adjectives in this order.

a tall young man (1>2)

big blue eyes (1>3)

a small black plastic bag (1 > 3 > 5)

Adjectives of siza an length (big/small/tall/short/long, etc.) usually go before adjectives of shape and width (round/fat/thin/slim/wide, etc.)

a large round […]