Calendario 2015

Miercoles 7 Enero 2015  >>>  Segundo trimestre empieza

Miercoles 18 Marzo 2015>>> Viernes 20 Marzo (inclusivo) Vacaciones de Fallas

Jueves 2 Abril 2015 >>> Lunes 6 Abril (inclusivo) Vacaciones de Pascua

Martes 7 Abril >>> Tercer trimestre empieza

Lunes 13 Abril 2015 >>> Cerrado

Viernes 1 Mayo 2015 >>> Cerrado

Viernes 26 Junio 2015 >>> Fin del tercer trimestre

Lunes 29 […]

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Auxiliaries, negatives and questions

1. Fill the space with Do / Did / Does / Don’t / Didn’t / Doesn’t
DOES your friend live near here?

I DON’T understand why she DIDN’T want to come to the party last night.

DID you see your grandmother yesterday?

I DIDN’T finish my homework last night, sorry.

When DOES the show begin this evening?
2. Choose between […]

Prepositions exercises

Prepositions 1
I need to go at/to/in the shop tomorrow.

I’ll see you next / at next Christmas.

I don’t know anything about / of Formula One.

I met her on / in / at 1991.

I’ll see you in / at Easter.

I like to relax in / at / to / on the holidays.

I’m interested about / in […]

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The verb ‘to be’

The verb ‘to be’ has been removed from this article.


Can you add the verb ‘to be’ and make it like the original article?


The Princes in the Tower _____ two members of the fifteenth century Royal Family in England who disappeared in 1483.

The eldest _____ Prince Edward, Prince of Wales. He was twelve years old […]